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Sets of orchestral parts and scores, and vocal scores, are available to hire for a number of works in our catalogue.

Please use the form below to request hire of materials, and one of our team will get back to you with a quote.

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A) Booking Dates, Delivery and Return

  1. Your booking should specify the date you wish to use the parts from, along with the number and date of performance(s).

  2. Your booking is deemed to end on the date of the final performance of the work(s) hired.

  3. Materials will be dispatched, subject to the terms below, no later than one week before the date your booking is due to start. There is no need to include this in the dates of your booking.

  4. Materials should be returned to us within one week of the end of your booking. Please ensure that parts are returned in the box in which they are sent to you, sufficiently packaged to prevent damage during transit.

  5. Sets should be returned to us complete. If you are aware of parts that will be sent after the set is returned, please notify us immediately.

B) Materials

  1. Each set contains one conductor’s score as standard. Additional scores, and larger format scores, may be available at an extra charge.

  2. String sets for orchestral works are supplied in the quantity Additional string parts may be available at an extra charge.

  3. Additional scores and parts must be requested with the initial order.

C) Performances

  1. In addition to the Hire Charge, a Performance licence Fee is added to your booking for each public performance of the work(s) in question.

  2. For recording and/or broadcast, a separate licence is required. Please contact us for further information.

D) Discounts

  1. Charities registered in the UK, and non-professional performing groups who are members of Making Music are entitled to a 15% discount on Hire Charges and Performance Fees. Proof of Charity Registration or Making Music membership is required.

  2. Eligible educational institutions are entitled to a 20% discount on Hire Charges and Performance Fees.

E) Charges, Fees and Payment

  1. Once we receive your booking information, we will provide a Quote for the cost of Hire Charges, Performance Fees, and delivery.

  2. Once you accept our Quote, an Invoice will be raised. When payment is received, you will receive a Receipt.

  3. Hire charges are calculated on a weekly basis. Any incomplete week is deemed to be a whole week for billing purposes.

  4. Charges for the hire of performance materials are currently 0% rated for UK VAT. Performance fees and delivery charges are rated at 20%.

  5. Unless agreed with us in advance, payment must be received in full before materials are dispatched. 

  6. Please note that for operational and security reasons we do not accept payment by cheque or cash. Account details for electronic transfer are included on your invoice.

  7. Although we accept payment in many currencies, we suggest that you pay in the currency of your invoice. You will be liable for any shortfall in payment owing to currency conversion, along with commission charges, should you pay in a different currency.

  8. For account details for payment in currencies not shown on your invoice, please contact us.

  9. Parts lost or returned late are currently charged at £5.00 per week per part.

  10. Scores lost or returned late currently charged at £10.00 per week per score.

  11. Late or incomplete payment is subject to a surcharge of £10.00 if paid within 30 days. This surcharge increases to £50.00 if paid after 30 days.

  12. We will take legal action to recover any unpaid fee after 90 days. Should this be necessary, court fees, interest, and a further surcharge of £100 will be added to your account to cover our costs. 

Last updated: January 3rd, 2019.